New Windsor Garden Club launches Garden of the Month

TudorsContributed by Michele Lawrensen

The Garden of the Month Club was a new idea added to our group this year as a way to increase our interaction with gardeners in our town and also serve as a means to promote the New Windsor Garden Club. Any club member may nominate a home which appears not to be professionally landscaped with one winner per month June, July, August and September.  A winner is selected and the homeowner is presented with their award – a sign that reads ‘New Windsor Garden Club Garden of the Month – Congratulations.’

The very first New Windsor gardeners to be recognized were Chuck and Barbara Tudor. They were surprised and VERY appreciative that they were being recognized without even knowing they had been nominated by one of our members, who passed by their property and caught a glimpse of how special it was.  They agreed to proudly display the Garden of the Month sign. A lovely couple who invited me to tour their gardens and share the history of many of the features and plants.


The Tudor’s garden at what has been Barbara’s family home for the past 30 years. Their gardens, which are tastefully located throughout their property, are entirely perennial and include well-established fruit trees (mulberry, blueberry, hardy kiwi), honeysuckle, trumpet vine, milkweed, and many, many beautiful perennial flowers and herbs including Chuck’s favorite plant, rose campion.  All trees and plants were strong and healthy, with not a weed to be found. They added a pond, complete with waterfall and happy inhabitants, in an area where two trees came down in a storm.  The couple enjoy gardening together and relaxing in their gardens.


Congratulations, Tudors, on your lovely garden!

The New Windsor Garden Club was formed in 2013 with the intent to bring together home gardeners in the New Windsor, NY area and surrounding towns.

We meet monthly January – October and new members are welcome! Membership in the New Windsor Garden Club is always FREE! For more information email

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