Reader Photos: Seed Starting

Michelle's winter-sown broccoli

Last week HVGA asked our Facebook users to share photos of their seed starting efforts. Here’s what some of you have growing on…

Winter-sown hollyhock

Michele from New Windsor sent over photos of her winter sown seeds, “Attached are pictures of newly germinating broccoli and hollyhock that I wintersowed in February and have out on my back deck. I started about 60 containers of hardy plants in January/February and will be doing a bunch more (mostly annuals) this week.”

(More about winter sowing here.)

Deb's tomato seedlings

Deb came to last month’s HVGA lecture bearing gifts of the seed-kind, beautifully packaged seeds saved from her garden for all to partake. Thanks Deb! She recently shared, “My tomato seedlings are ready for transfer to individual pots to give them some leg room. I’m growing lots of vegetables and herbs from seed saved from last year. Once the seedlings go into their individual pots, they will Ho to a friend’s small greenhouse till outdoor temps warm up. Then the friend and I divide up the healthy plants and get a good jump start on our growing season. Can’t believe that this time last year I was prepping beds for spring plantings.”

Rebecca growing under light

Rebecca was the lucky winner of a grow light from Adam’s Fairacre Farms Spring Lawn & Garden Show last month – nice! She’s growing “Three kinds of tomatoes – Siberian, Venus and Jelly Bean; two kinds of peppers – Mini Bells and California Wonder; two kinds of cucumbers – Spacemaster and Lemon; also giant zinnias and mexican sunflowers.”

Laura started Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle)

My own seedlings are coming along just fine, the first I’ve sown in over five years! Am following new advice from recent HVGA lecturers Jesica Clark and Lauren Tamraz; using a grow light and starting veggies indoors that I would have direct sown in the past, like “Prima Rosa” Swiss Chard and “Golden” beets. Also sprouting are Marigold “Golden Gem,” Calendula “Neon” and Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle).

Reminder: Have extra seedlings? Pot them up with a label for the 2nd Annual HVGC Plant Swap on Saturday, May 25th! Details to come…

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