“…better than Gertrude Jekyll”

“What did he just say!?”

Last week I overheard my main squeeze, TF, make reference to Gertrude Jekyll while conversing with our one-year-old. And he even pronounced her name correctly (GEE-kul). I don’t recall the last time I mentioned her in conversation, for all I know it could have been years. Or maybe he sneaks peeks at my gardening books, which are “temporarily” stacked all over the living room. But I doubt it. TF stored that info away from some garden tidbit I had been compelled to share in the past. He was listening! After I recovered from the shock, my heart swelled while I silently acknowledged that I could not ask for a better gardener’s companion.

“The amelanchier is blooming.”

My first Mother's Day gift - a stone stair

TF is not a gardener or a plant person. He will not mow or blow or whack, and will only assist with huge hole digging or heavy lifting if absolutely necessary. Or if it’s my birthday. Ever since what we refer to as ‘The Rhododendron Incident,’ I am on my own when it comes to planting. (Someone spent way too much time finding the perfect placement for the new shrubs, which the other someone completely ignored when planting. Sound familiar?)

“What this garden needs is a huge allée.”

Scored for $20 when Warwick Gardens closed

TF doesn’t mind taking road trips to visit botanical gardens, and looks forward to attending a new Flower Show each spring. He enjoys touring Open Days gardens as much as I do, and occasionally remembers a few botanical names. TF doesn’t say a word when I fill the house with plants each winter, or spilled potting soil litters the back of my car. He takes amazing garden photos without trying, doesn’t mention how many plants I have in the holding area, or that I really don’t need another huge new pot. (Remember when you let me fill the trunk of your BMW with all that terra-cotta? Ok, I had to do a little pleading that time…)

Open Days 2010, Raven Rock

And so, dear TF, I wanted to acknowledge and thank you – for being an incredibly supportive and interested partner to the gardener I couldn’t help but become. And for occasionally peppering your sentences with botanical latin, landscape design terminology and names from garden history. As always, you never fail to surprise me. And I love you for it.

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  1. Gail Cornelius says:

    That was such a nice well written piece. I remember when he first got the BMW and plants were OFF LIMITS. To see all those pots in the trunk warms my heart.

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