Garden Visit: Stonecrop Gardens (Aug)

Almost exactly one year ago I visited Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring with my mom who was in town. You don’t need to be a gardener (which she is) to appreciate Stonecrop for being one of the best places to visit in the Mid-Hudson Valley. However, it is an unbeatable delight for anyone with a horticultural interest. I can’t think of a single destination in the area I’d rate higher for plant nerds and garden lovers, and I’m always amazed when local folks of this ilk tell me they’ve never been. GO! It’s always the right time to visit Stonecrop Gardens. Every season offers lots of garden interest, as well as activity.

Upcoming events at Stonecrop Gardens include:
–  8/12: Evening in the Garden, open until dusk (all Fridays until end of Sept)
–  8/13: Open Saturday, FREE admission to Orange & Rockland residents
–  8/14: Garden Conservancy Open Day
–  8/16: Yoga in the Garden (and all Tuesdays thru end of Aug)
–  8/18: Guided Garden Walk, Natives in the Garden
–  8/19: Evening in the Garden, open until dusk (all Fridays until end of Sept)
–  8/20: Open Saturday
Visit the website for more info.

Stonecrop Gardens, 81 Stonecrop Lane, Cold Spring, NY 10516
845.265.2000  |

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